Top things to avoid when developing a site

Website development is continuously changing and improving. Trends are changing rapidly, and what was fashionable only a few years ago can quickly become obsolete. This is the case with the creation of a website. Guys from SECL told us about seven trends of the past to avoid on your site (at all costs!) if you want it to be credible and up-to-date. If you are looking for more information about website creation, costs, and all the other essential details, feel free to visit website: it is full of helpful information. So, let’s proceed to our topic. What are the mistakes to avoid?

An unsecured site

Major changes have taken place since the beginning of the decade regarding the security of websites. Although there will always be malicious people, people are now more informed about the risks. It has become possible to have a site with an HTTPS connection. The S means that the site is considered secure by a third-party entity. Therefore, when browsing the web, prioritize HTTPS sites over HTTP.

For your information, all Self-based websites come with an SSL connection that will allow you to have an HTTPS website.

Music launched automatically

At one time, the trend was to put music on his website. An atmosphere song was then launched automatically without the visitor having to do anything. Although this is a request developers still receive today, it is, unfortunately, a trend that is often frowned upon by Internet users now. Therefore, avoid putting automatic music on your site if you do not want to scare away your potential visitors. Some people simply don’t like it, while others can be scared to death. Nobody will come back to your site if it is associated with negative emotions.

A visit counter

Another request developers receive from time to time is how to install a visit counter on a website. There are widgets that can be easily installed, but what is the purpose of adding a visit counter? Why do you want your visitors to see this information? If you want to know how many visitors have come to your site and access different statistics, why not simply use Google Analytics or any other tool of this type? 

A multitude of fonts and colors

Several things can harm the credibility of your website. In the early 2000s, it seems that to attract attention, many colors (often bright) and several fonts were used within the same website. This can have a chaotic effect on your visitors, who will not know where to go. When creating your website, remember not to use more than three main colors and three fonts. Also, make sure that a font or color is used for a specific element. For example, a brighter hue could be used for your important titles or call-to-action buttons.

Links everywhere

Do you remember the old versions of Yahoo! or eBay? The site was then covered with blue links to discover different articles or pages of the website. Although it is important to link to different sections of your site, adding quality content on all pages is essential. In addition, if you need to add links, know that you can now use colors other than blue, which has been used so often in the past.

Pop-ups and ads everywhere

Similarly, do you remember how unpleasant pop-ups and ads were a few years ago? Sometimes it wasn’t easy to navigate a site without having to close dozens of windows. Obviously, all this calmed down with the arrival of the ad blockers. Sometimes there are still pop-ups or advertisements on today’s sites but to a lesser extent. Pop-ups are mainly used as a call to action for a specific purpose on the site. For example, subscribe to a newsletter or benefit from a special promotion.

A non-responsive site

When the web became accessible to all, the smartphones we know today were still far from available. Therefore, old sites are not responsive, which means that they are not optimized for these devices. It is, therefore, difficult to navigate and search for the desired information with a smartphone. Now, almost all websites are responsive since a significant percentage of Internet users now use their phones to visit websites. This is a necessity in 2021. Even Google has started penalizing unoptimized sites.


In conclusion, it is not dramatic if one of the elements presented above is found on your website. This may simply indicate that you should think about making a redesign. In addition to making your site more up-to-date, it will probably allow it to be improved and even better referenced. 

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