You decided to install a metal barn on your property, but now you are thinking if you should go with your gut to select a metal roof color. But what if we tell you that instead of randomly picking up roofing color, you can put it to work for practical applications? Yes, you read that right. Metal roofing color, when planned smartly, can actually benefit you. Let’s see how.

Below Are the Top 9 Best Tips to Select Metal Roofing Colors 

Before starting to worry about the color of metal roofing panels, you must consider all metal roofing styles and pick one that is most durable, complies with local building guidelines, and is easy to maintain. Here are some tips.

  • Vertical roofs have ridges that run perpendicular to the ground, enabling all dirt & debris to fall off quickly.
  • Wider panels are cost-effective, seamless, and rust less.
  • The industry standard is 26 gauge metal roof panels. For heavy wind or snow, 24 gauge steel is used. It is almost 30% heavier and cost more than the former.

That being said, let’s move on to our main discussion: the color of your metal barn’s roof.

1. Roofing Panel Material

You can choose between exposed or concealed fasteners for panel installation. Exposed fasteners are more affordable but can cause potential leakage points where they puncture through the panels. Some metal builders also offer color for fasteners so that the entire roof appears seamless.

We suggest you look into your local zoning laws to know if there are any guidelines you need to follow while constructing a metal roof.

  • Metal Panels Roof: Made with a combination of various metals and specific percentages of carbon. They are easy to paint with acrylic latex paint or oil-based alkyd paint. Priming is a must.
  • Galvanized steel roof: They do not need to be painted. Due to zinc coating, they do not adhere to paint easily. Nevertheless, after sanding the panel, you can use acrylic-based primer and then coat it with acrylic latex paint.
  • Weathering steel roof: They do not need to be painted. But you can still paint it using accurate primer and paint.

2. Local Weather

How is your local climate? Is it hot and humid or relatively cooler throughout the year? You may wonder what on earth the weather has to do with your metal barn’s roof. You see…metal is an excellent conductor of heat. That means it gets heated and cooled quickly. This can make it difficult to keep a stable temperature inside a metal barn.

  • A relatively warmer climate: Go with light colors, such as light grey, sand, white, or beige option. Lighter colors tend to reflect light, making the indoors comparatively cooler.
  • A relatively cooler climate: Go with dark colors, such as deep red, burgundy, black, or dark grey. Darker colors tend to absorb light and keep the indoors warmer than the surroundings.

3. Type Of Paint

  • PVDF: Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is a resin-based paint that resists metal weathering with time. It also keeps the metal roof cool. They can hold color integrity for a longer period of time.
  • SMP: Silicone-modified polyester (SMP) is used to coat metal panel sheets. They are much more affordable than PVDFs. The higher the silicone content, the better and longer-lasting the paint is. The only limitation is that they come with limited color options.
  • Reflective Paint: These are ideal for south and western states’ metal roofing barns. They are made with flakes of glass, glitter, or crystals with reflective properties and are known to reflect more than 90% of the light.

4. Fastener, Shutter, Gutter & Trim

Metal builders give a variety of options, not just for your metal roofing colors but also for additional parts of the structure, such as screws and bolts. It is to give an aesthetic look to your roofs. You can select the color of the gutter and trim to match your roof so that they appear seamless.

On the contrary, you can also select a complimentary color for trim & gutter to give a nice contemporary look to your metal barn.

5. Do You Want Energy-Saving Metal Roofing Colors?

What if we tell you that your metal barn’s roof color can lessen your energy bills? That’s right. But you have to pick the correct one. As we mentioned, you can choose light colors to keep your building cool. White, of all colors, reflects the most. You can save up to 20% on cooling costs. Now, add any affordable roofing insulator, such as fiberglass, to it, and voila! You get to save even more.

For cooler western states, metal roofing colors can be dark. They will absorb heat & transfer it indoors. A professionally installed high-quality metal roof can save up to 40% on energy.  

6. Have A Look at the Sample Color Offered By Your Metal Dealer

Your metal dealer will likely offer you sample colors to select on their website. To get a more accurate color, you can visit their office and have a look at the physical samples that they have. They might offer you some positive suggestions as well.

7. Barn Style

You can select colors inspired by the surroundings or nature. Alternatively, you can even match the color with an existing property to make them look appealing. Do not forget to look into HOA (if any) guidelines, as they may ask you to choose a specific color to match with the neighborhood.

To give your steel barn that ‘traditional look,’ you can select the typical red or burgundy color. For a modern look, you can even opt for solar shingles. Although, they are more expensive than paints.

8. Paint Quality & Finishing

Above all, the quality and finishing of your metal paint is paramount. A high quality will ensure that you don’t have to worry about repainting your barn’s roof for at least a decade.

9. Some Complementing Colors for Various Metal Roofing Styles

Metal Roof Panel Color Building Color
Grey White
Matte Black White
Brown Neutral
Silver-White White
Traditional Barn-Red Red
Light-Grey Sandstone/ Clay
Bronze White

In Due Course

We have seen how the color of metal roofs isn’t just for aesthetics but also serves a pivotal role in the practical applications of metal barns. Nevertheless, the good news is that many steel builders offer various color options for roofs and their parts. You can pick one that fits the bill. Selecting color should not be an overwhelming task for any farmer or rancher. We hope this was helpful in narrowing down your choice.

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